About Us...

RecoverHealth was created  by a top-rated orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. After personally experiencing the need for life saving surgery, he realized how unprepared most people, including himself were for surgery and the need to “prehabiliate” to ensure the best post-surgery outcomes. Thousands of surgeries and medical procedures are performed every year, but preparing for them is something not commonly discussed. This is the main reason why we formed RecoverHealth!

We offer patients the best chance at an optimal surgical outcome by providing guidance, resources, and a robust prehabilitation program designed to target 3 key areas of preparation:

Physical Optimization, Nutritional Optimization, and Behavior Wellness Optimization.

Our care team will work with you to create your comprehensive plan. We will send this plan to your surgeon and primary care physician, so they can track your optimization journey, make any medication adjustments, and assist in implementing these recommendations.

Current Insurances We Accept

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue Care Network

Priority Health



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