About Us...

Founded by a distinguished orthopedic surgeon with over three decades of expertise, RecoverHealth came into being following his personal encounter with a life-saving surgery. This eye-opening experience unveiled a common unpreparedness for surgical procedures, highlighting the crucial need for pre-surgery preparation, or "prehabilitation," to secure favorable post-surgery outcomes. Despite the thousands of surgeries conducted yearly, the dialogue around apt preparation is often overlooked. This realization sparked the birth of RecoverHealth!

We are here to change the narrative by offering a pathway to achieving the best possible surgical outcomes. Our comprehensive prehabilitation program extends a helping hand to patients, encompassing three pivotal preparation realms:

Physical Strengthening, Nutritional Enhancement, and Behavioral Wellness Training.

With RecoverHealth by your side, you're not alone on this journey. Our compassionate care team partners with you to devise a tailor-made plan, aligning with your unique needs and goals. This well-thought-out plan is shared with your surgeon and primary care physician, ensuring a collaborative approach. They’ll be able to monitor your preparation progress, make necessary medication tweaks, and support you in embracing these beneficial recommendations. Our goal is to pave a smoother road towards your surgery and beyond, championing a robust recovery and enriched long-term health.

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